Weekly Faith 5 Videos

These videos can be used in your home to support you and your family faith life. These videos are designed around the Faith 5 model. These simple prompts walk you through the conversation: Share, Read, Talk, Pray and Bless. They will be available all week so you can pick the best time to use. We offer this resource to help make God part of the conversations in your home.
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Private Prayer in Sanctuary

We are happy to offer dedicated prayer time for you or your household in our newly repaired sanctuary. We are currently offering Monday-Friday. You will need to sign up for a timeslot which are in ½ hour increments. A new sign up will be posted here each week.
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Pastor's Letter

The purpose of this letter is to connect with each of you and share what we know and what we don't know about the upcoming season at New Life. We are actively thinking thru connection possibilities and worship options and want to share some plans with you.
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Building Update

We have used this time when the building was closed to make necessary repairs and complete some planned remodeling projects. Take a look at our new space!
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New Life's Guiding Vision

We share our vision as a community of believers called to serve others through the voices of many in our congregation.
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Imagine Our Jubilee Campaign

For 50 years, our church has been ministering to the needs of our community. Learn about our needs, our hopes, and our dreams as we plan for our future ministry and missions as we imagine together what God is calling New Life to do at this time and in this place.
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