Pastor Rakel Evenson

Lead Pastor

I love serving as Pastor at New Life and find deep joy in all the ways we are a blessing as the church to each other, our community and our world. I joined the staff in 2008; my husband Ben and I have two children and when we’re not doing church activities, we like music, parks, and Legos.


Susan Brown

Leader of Ministry Communication and Coordination

I have been a member of New Life since 1996 and was excited to join the staff in 2017. I am eager to share my talents to help communicate the many ministries and events at New Life with the congregation and our community. My husband, Jeff, and I are blessed to have 3 children that are growing up in the church.

Monica Baxter

Office Manager


John Baynton


I am serving as your Vicar for the next year. I am a seminarian from Wartburg Theological Seminary on my Internship Year.  I am working toward becoming a Deacon in the ELCA, and if you do not know what a Deacon is, please ask me! In my free time, I like to read, play video games, play cards and board games, and spend time in nature.


Margaret Tracy

Music Director

My grandmother was a musician. She played the organ and loved old music and hymns. My mother and father both played the piano and my mom sang in the church choir. I have 6 sisters and all of us took piano lessons and other instruments including trumpet, french horn and flute. So, I guess I was destined to be musical.

I am a classically trained pianist and recently learned guitar on my own. I love Christian music. All of it. Old hymns, contemporary songs, gospel, instrumental, operas- all of it.

I presently work with the elderly and am blessed to be their song leader in both secular and Christian music. I am married and have 2 children and have a degree in social work. I am very thankful for this awesome opportunity at New Life.

Karen Weitendorf

Director Youth Choir

Dave Tomsky

Celebration Band Director

Roman and Barbara Drozdz



Carol Mucha

Nursery Coordinator

I have been serving in the Nursery for over 5 years and leading as Nursery Coordinator. I have loved caring for all the little ones and getting to see them grow!

Stacie Ritz

Nursery Attendant

Jenni Bennecke

Nursery Attendant

Church Council

Kim Passini, Mark Arentsen, Nancy Leiting, Sharon Texley, Dino Cristofaro, Brooke Scott, Susan Thomas, Mike Green, Sandy Niemiera, Cyndi Torkelson, Pastor Rakel