Recycling – Earth Month

April 1 - April 28

Earth Month is celebrating it’s 49th anniversary just like New Life!

We want to encourage you to do more to care for God’s creation in addition to your weekly recycling. So the following items will be collected at New Life during the month of April.

1. worn out tennis shoes, any size/brand – recycled to Nike Reuse-a-Shoe program for playground surfaces
2. worn out American flags  – Retired properly with respect

3. empty ink cartridges for printer – Recycled for reuse
4. eyeglasses or hearing aids -Recycled through the Lions Club for those in need
5. small round batteries – Recycled in environmentally friendly
6. empty medicine vials  – Repurposed at health clinic for those in need
7. old cell phones with all data deleted/removed – Recycled or repurposed for victims of domestic violence
8. children’s preschool books for ages 5 and younger  – Offered to families who visit our Diaper Depot

ONLY AVAILABLE DURING APRIL; so don’t miss this opportunity!