Veterans Collection

October 7 - November 11

New Life appreciates all of our veterans for their service. Many veterans need help and New Life is proud to be partnering with the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans and the Fisher House to help provide some of the necessities to make their life a little easier. Listed below are items needed at these two locations that serve our veterans. Collection boxes will be available in our narthex up until Sunday, November 11, Veterans Day! Please help as you are able.

Hand sanitizer                                                                 Socks – mens – white

40 gallon garbage bags                                                  Non skid socks – adult sizes

Kitchen garbage bags                                                     Toothbrush/toothpaste

Ziploc bags – all sizes                                                      Shampoo/conditioner

Aluminum foil                                                                 Hand/body lotion

Plastic wrap                                                                     Deodorant

Paper plates                                                                     Chapstick/lip balm

Paper napkins                                                                 Audio books (CDs)

Liquid laundry soap                                                      Movies (DVDs)

All purpose spray cleaners

All purpose floor cleaners