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Our Story – Technology

November 20, 2020

It is hard to imagine not having the technology we do today that enables us to have a website, weekly emails, and Facebook page; among other things. This has been such a blessing in this year of physical distance and not being able to safely gather in person.  But New Life certainly didn't start out that way! Member records - All information wa

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Our Story – Kingdom Weekend

November 13, 2020

Kingdom Weekends were started in November 1998. This program was brought about by a partnership with Atonement Lutheran Church in Barrington. This renewal retreat was based on having lay members of New Life be the team leaders at the retreat. There were 5 weeks of intensive training for these lay members. Sandie Carlson, wife of former Pastor Paul

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Our Story – ELCA Ordained Women

November 6, 2020

In 2020, the ELCA is celebrating the 50th anniversary of U.S. Lutheran churches' decision to ordain women, and continuing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ordination of the first women of color and the 10th anniversary of the ELCA's decision to officially ordain people in same-gender committed relationships. In June 1970, the LCA, change

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Our Story – Lutherdale Retreats

October 30, 2020

Lutherdale Bible Camp is a more recent part of New Life's history! This camp was formed in 1944 and now serves over 240 ELCA congregations and other ecumenical faith partners. Centrally located between Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago, Lutherdale serves Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois as a summer camp and conference center for youth and

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Our Story – LOMC Retreats

October 23, 2020

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center is a part of New Life's history! The beautiful camp is located on 640 acres in Oregon, IL and was formed in 1974.  LOMC is a ministry of the ELCA congregations in Illinois and eastern Missouri. The purpose of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center (LOMC) is to be the Church in outdoor settings, nurturing Christian

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Our Story – Come As You Are Breakfast

October 16, 2020

In the Fall of 1981, New Life built upon it's love for gathering together, sharing a meal together, and having some fun. So Mens and Ladies breakfasts on the second and third Saturdays of the month began. Women cooked for the men and men cooked for the women. Ron Yost was the chief cook in the beginning for the women followed by Charlie Brown. It c

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Our Story – Talent Show

October 2, 2020

New Life has been a congregation that likes food, fellowship and music. So in 1999, all those things came together as a Talent Show! Here are some of the acts that participated and entertained our New Life community.

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Our Story – Fun and Games

September 25, 2020

In a nod to simpler times, when we could safely gather, New Life was a great place for family friendly games and fun. For example, in 1988 there was a Olympic style event planned for the kids. Maybe not your usual sporting events but feats of skill none the less.

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Our Story – Music to make you move

September 18, 2020

New Life has always been a fun loving community. It also has been a community that likes to dance. So here are some memories from our love of music to make you move! This love of music and movement started very early, in August 1970 to be exact. A teenage dance was held behind the church in the parking lot. Record players provided the music and

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Our Story – Pastors

September 11, 2020

An important part of the history of any church is the Pastors who become part of the church family. Here is a listing of the individuals who have cared for us, prayed for us, stood with us in the happy moments and sad, inspired us and played a role in our faith life. *Pictures are from the time they served at New Life Started     

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