Our Story – 1st Pastor

March 22, 2020

Pastor Orlyn Huwe and family arrived in Bolingbrook in September 1969. The parsonage on the church property was still being built so they moved into rented home. Unfortunately, the lease was up before the parsonage was finished. So Pastor Huwe and his oldest son David moved into the construction trailer with the foreman. Pastor Huwe wife, Rita, and sons, Tim and John, flew back to Ohio to stay with family. He spent his time knocking on doors in the neighborhood to meet the new residents of Bolingbrook and invite them to a new church that was still being built! It’s amazing to think how he was able to share a vision for this mission church and express his passion and faith in God.

Fun fact: Teenagers at the time enjoyed joking with Pastor Huwe and referred to STP (which was a gas station at that time) but for them meant “stop teasing pastor”!