Our Story – Caring for our Church Building and Property

July 24, 2020

We have always been a can-do congregation who serves with our hands. We believe this is God’s house and we are called to care for it. One way that started was serving as janitors! In 1970, every week, two families were assigned by alphabetical order to clean the building, wash windows or whatever else was needed.

Painting various parts of the building, inside and out.

Replacing carpeting and recovering fabric chairs in sanctuary

Because the basement has flooded numerous times in the past and members have risen to the occasion to dry things out, repair baseboards and drywall.

Digging new drainage tiles to alleviate the flooding problems.

Using special skill set to meet a current need with expanding, renovating or repairs in our building.

And even the weekly/monthly/seasonal care to our landscaping and lawn.


There is a lot happening inside the church right now with repairs, remodeling the narthex and updating the sanctuary. And most requires professionals with specific skill sets. But there is still an opportunity to help outside the church. During this time, you can stop by to weed, trim bushes, and just help with the general upkeep. We can’t wait for everyone to be able to return and we don’t want things to have gotten overgrown and out of hand.