Our Story – Come As You Are Breakfast

October 16, 2020

In the Fall of 1981, New Life built upon it’s love for gathering together, sharing a meal together, and having some fun. So Mens and Ladies breakfasts on the second and third Saturdays of the month began. Women cooked for the men and men cooked for the women. Ron Yost was the chief cook in the beginning for the women followed by Charlie Brown. It continued for many years.

One of these breakfasts was themed as a “Come As You Are”. An elaborate mapping system of the town was devised. Drivers were assigned and then – unannounced and known only to a certain few – went around to their assigned houses to pick up women of New Life. The key was they had to wear the same outfit they were in when the drivers knocked on their doors at 6:30 am! Most women arrived in PJs and hair rollers! The theme was “Will You Be Ready for the Lord when he comes?”

Not sure how well this would work nowadays considering our members living in a wide range of towns or who would answer their door at 6:30 am! But fun for the times they lived in! If you happen to have any pictures of these breakfasts or the Come As You Are attire, please share with susan@newlifebolingbrook.org.