Our Story – Cross Raising

August 14, 2020

As part of the remodeling projects in 1996, the front of the church got a makeover. As part of that, a tall brick column was added to serve as the backdrop for a new metal cross.

In August 1997, the new cross was ready to be picked up, transported to the church and installed. Chuck Byers spent endless hours designing, making, polishing the 54 foot cross. He would install it with help from Everett Platta.

The activity in front of the church drew quite a crowd for the cross raising and dedication of the steel cross.

And up it goes!


Also part of this day, while the crane was onsite, was taking down the older cross located in on the southeast corner of the building.

As a church, we are always grateful when people share their talents! You never know when someone’s unique talent will be put in motion.