Our Story – IAG Picnics

July 31, 2020

This week’s edition of our Blog isn’t from that long ago, but certainly represents a treasured time of fun and fellowship with the residents of IAG (Individual Advocacy Group homes). These provide a home setting for adults with special needs.

In December 2018, the Wednesday morning bible study group decided to host a Christmas party for the residents and caregivers from the group homes. Many of these residents do not have families to spend the holidays with. Most of them enjoy getting together and having a fun outing. So a luncheon was planned with craft activities, a sing-a-long, and lots of pictures. Many volunteers came together to help at the event.

The next year, this group planned big and added a summer picnic in August with a baseball theme. Again there was a luncheon, crafts, outdoor games, music and visit from Bolingbrook fire department. It was such a joyous occasion for residents, caregivers and volunteers.

The volunteers continued the meaningful gatherings by hosting another Christmas party in 2019. This one included food (a favorite among the residents), crafts, sing a long and visit from Santa.

New Life is blessed to have such generous members who freely give of their time and creative talents to make a difference for someone else. Their smiles, friendship and care for others warms our hearts.

Sadly, we miss not being able to gather with them this year due to COVID-19. We hope that next year will allow more smiles, memories, and friendship with these special adults that are part of our community.