Our Story – Parsonage

May 22, 2020


In our beginning, a house or parsonage, was provided for our Pastors.

It was built as the same time as our church starting in 1969. And after a delay, which caused Pastor Huwe to live in the construction trailer with the foreman, his family eventually moved into the new house on our property.

In August 1985, a new parsonage was purchased on Aspen Court. Pastor Brown and family move into new parsonage and built a bridge over the culvert to connect the properties.

The old parsonage was then used as place for our youth to gather. That continues today with our SUPPLY high school group meeting on Sunday mornings at the house. They also have other events like Step Up nights for incoming freshman and bonfires in the back yard.

The parsonage on Aspen Court was sold February 28, 1995.

If you have any pictures of the original parsonage, please share them with Susan Brown at susan@newlifebolingbrook.org.