Our Story – Stained Glass Windows: Part 2

May 15, 2020

This is Part 2 of our story regarding the stained glass windows that adorn our beloved sanctuary. We believe that all the windows were installed at the same time and dedicated on January 17 1988. They were made from imported glass from Germany, France and England and designed by Colorsmith of Riverside Illinois.

On the west wall of the church, Virginia Cowen and family dedicated two stained glass windows in memory of Kajetan & Genoweta Clurysek. The themes represented are Miracles and Parables.


This is a picture of Virginia when she visited in September 2017. She has since passed away.









The Miracles window symbolizes the calming of the storm and the feeding of the 5000.








The Parables window symbolizes the parable of the sower as told in Matthew 13 and the parable of lighting a lamp for all to see as told in Mark 4:21-25.





On the east wall of the church, are three windows! Two are visible from the inside and the third is located in the small closet that holds sound equipment. As the time of publishing, we were not able to locate who dedicated these remaining windows. The answer is likely in the church records in the building which is currently closed. If you know the answer, please share with us! The themes represented are the Last Supper, Palm Sunday and the Cross.


This window symbolizes the Last Supper and contains fiery thorns, the garden of Gethsemane, cup and wafer, and the sleeping disciples.








This window symbolizes Palm Sunday and contains palm branches, donkey, Jerusalem and crown.








This window is an artistic brown cross before the blue background of the world. This one is not visible in the sanctuary.