Our Story – Transportation

April 24, 2020

New Life has always been on the go. And what better way to announce that to the world than traveling with vehicles bearing our name!

Orange bus purchased, date unknown. (hey, it matched our orange carpet & chairs in sanctuary!) It was used mostly for Youth Group trips and outings.

  • In August 1983: Luther League (high school group at the time) traveled to Augsburg College and St. Olaf College and then tubing down the Apple River. With Pastor Hal Brown and Rich Stoehrmann as leaders for this group activity. The bus was more or less operational on this trip (probably less than more!)

1974 Ford Yellow Bus purchased in February 1986:

  • It was used to take several families to airport for trip to the Holy Land with Pastor Brevik.
  • It took youth to Great America but broke down on way back so parents needed to pick up kids.
  • It took New Life families on outings such as the zoo and pumpkin patch.
  • It was used¬† for a combined high school/middle school trip to the Boundary Waters in upper Minnesota. Al Creighton was a driver. We had to have car that followed to carry extra supplies and our mechanics!
  • The last trip was with high school group to the water park in Rockford. Made it to within 5 miles of the park when the bus broke down. In the pre-cell phone days, Al Creighton had to hike a few miles to find a phone to call for help. His wife, Lynn, organized a rescue crew to come drive everyone home.
  • Primary mechanics at the time were Doug Mittag and Les Kimmel who tried in vain to keep it running.

In 1990s, Ford Green Club Wagon Van donated by the Blumenstein family: Stick shift van with tire cover repainted with New Life logo. Used for small youth group activities and for transporting building materials to and from the church. It only lasted a year or two.

While we are not likely to be purchasing any transportation for the church in the future, you can proudly display the New Life logo on your own vehicle. Decals are available to purchase for the Jubilee Anniversary. Order forms available on home page of our website.