Our Story – Tutoring Ministry

August 28, 2020

The Tutoring Program at New Life has been serving the Bolingbrook community for over 20 years. This has been a wonderful resource for children 2nd grade through 8th grade. Students are from our congregation as well as the community. We work with the local schools, social workers and teachers to identify students who may benefit from this extra help. We have been proud of the diversity of students which this program has served including several special needs students.

Students benefit from the one-on-one time and attention from a tutor to help with homework assignments, practice skills and in many cases develop a strong mentoring relationship. Several students feel a strong connection to their tutor and invite them to school celebrations and award ceremonies as a way to share their success. Some students come back to share their college acceptance or scholarships received or plans for the future that they credit to the help received in tutoring. This program has also been a blessing for parents who are not always able to help their student or appreciate the help in “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality.


Volunteer tutors is at the heart of the program. In some cases these volunteers are retired teachers or grandparents. In some cases they are parents. In some cases they are students who have “graduated” out of the program and come back as high school students to give back . In all cases, are people with a heart for helping a child learn and reach their potential.

We have been blessed with many people who a long history of helping to organize and manage the program and/or being a one-on-one tutor. Those with double digit years of service include: Cheryl Deardorff, Josh Schmidt, Diane Herrmann, Debbi Johnston, Jerry Streeky, Norma Sabine, Joe Giganti, Jennifer Calloni, and Steve Ritz.

We have certainly appreciated the dedication of our Tutors and the service which they provided to our students. We appreciate all the students who put forth effort to learn and to use their skills and abilities.  We appreciate the families who brought their student to the program and provided encouragement and guidance. We are truly grateful for all the combined efforts to make this program have a positive and lasting impact on our students and the Bolingbrook community.

As for this year, with all the uncertainties due to COVID-19, we do not know when our tutoring program can resume. The health and safety of our students and tutors will always be our first priority!