God’s Global Barnyard & Good Gifts

Now - December

Throughout the season of Advent, the ELCA is offering these unique gift ideas to honor someone. Not only is this a meaningful gift for someone to receive but especially meaningful to families around the world. There are many animals to purchase as part of God’s Global Barnyard. These animals provide food to eat, fertilizer to grow crops and products to sell at the market. With one gift, a family can start to escape the cycle of hunger and poverty for good. In addition, there are other Good Gifts available like water filters, sending a girl to school, solar powered lanterns and more!

We will be unable to have people purchase these gifts directly at the church as in years past. Please visit the website to purchase your gifts. No gift wrapping required! And you can create a free, personalized card to mail, email or print at home.


If you have any questions, please contact the church office for help.