Welcome Statement

At our church, we say “Welcome to New Life Lutheran Church where everybody is Somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Jesus is the source of grace, love, forgiveness and power in our lives and this creation.  And, everybody is Somebody. We accept and affirm the humanity and life experience of every individual. We choose to live this out boldly.

Because inclusion was a strong focus of Jesus, and because not all people have been welcomed into

faith communities because of their identity, we strive to build a community that reflects

the diversity of God’s creation. Because equality and justice were concerns of Jesus,

we warmly welcome all people of the LGBTQIA+ community and people of all

races and ethnicities in this church. In addition, we strongly commit to anti-racism

work in ourselves, our church, our community, and our world.

New Life is a faith community which takes what we do seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. As a beloved community, we laugh, cry, and learn together. We may not always agree on everything, but we rely on our shared love of God and one another to create a space where all are welcome.

We can’t wait to say to you: Welcome to New Life Lutheran Church, where everybody is Somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord!

Guiding Vision Statement

We share our vision as a community of believers called to serve others through the voices of many in our congregation.
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Imagine New Life as a group of committed Christians who are not only living out the good news of Jesus Christ in their own lives but are trained and equipped to share the good news about Jesus starting in our community and extending to the world.

Imagine living out God’s radical love by not putting our trust in the riches of this world and instead trusting God to faithfully provide all that we need. Instead of seeing how much we can take, we bewilder the world as we give to God first without worry of our money, schedules, and self.

Imagine people truly knowing God and growing in faith by routinely setting time aside for studying scripture and prayer, individually and with others. We joyfully and regularly come to worship to confess our sins, receive forgiveness and offer our praise to God.

Imagine small groups are engaged in relationship building centered on bible study, church fellowship and common needs. We go beyond our established circles to reach out to others, of all ages and build friendships one conversation at a time. No one is too dirty to be hugged, no one is too poor to be asked to give of their gifts, no one is too quiet to be unnoticed and no one is too sinful to experience the community of New Life.

Imagine people having a deep need to live out their faith and are empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve the challenging needs of a struggling community. People are unable to sit still and want to be able to see where they can be connected to God’s work with their hands. Wherever families and individuals struggle, we support and encourage, because there is poverty, we provide food and comfort, because there is loneliness and abuse, we become a friend and advocate and when people are searching and confused we provide them the guidance and direction to live upright lives for God.

Imagine in a society where it is common to see great divisions in age, race and status, we come together as a community; the young and the old, the majority and the minority, the rich and the poor; to listen and share together faith stories, read together God’s word, pray together and share our lives together. As a church community created by God for God, we gladly receive and accept all who visit and extend ourselves to help each person on their faith journey.