New Life is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Lutherans are sinners who fall short of God’s Expectations, and yet, are forgiven. They believe that it is God’s love in Jesus Christ that forgives them, not their own actions. Lutherans call this “saved by grace through faith”.

Lutherans are sacramental. Baptism and Holy Communion are central to worship as a means that God’s love is made visible.

Lutherans believe God speaks to people through the Scriptures. We gather in worship to hear the Word.

Lutherans are stewards and recognize that everything that is, was and will be is a gift on loan from God the Creator.

Lutherans believe that they are to make faith active in love. They want to work for justice and reflect Christ’s love by serving others.

Lutherans are ecumenical. They want the church united as Christ prayed it would be. Lutherans work and worship with Christians of all denominations.