Our Story – Stained Glass Windows: Part 1

May 8, 2020

On January 17 1988, there were 2 sets of stained glass windows dedicated in our sanctuary. They were made from imported glass from Germany, France and England and designed by Colorsmith of Riverside Illinois. They have become another beloved treasure of New Life.

On the east wall of the church, the Galvicius family dedicated three stained glass windows to the memory of their son, Brian Galvicius. The themes represented are Christ, the Light of the World: His birth, death and resurrection.


The first window symbolizes the Nativity. Christ’s birth is announced by the star of Bethlehem, the coming of His light into the world is shown by the candle, and the evergreen holly leaves represent the everlasting life He has delivered to us.








The second window symbolizes the Crucifixion. Here the tree of death (the cross) becomes the tree of life. The mountainous landscape represents the world.







The third window symbolizes the Resurrection. The rising sun represents the light of Christ and His resurrection. The Lamb of God represents Christ’s victory over death. The feast of Easter is symbolized by the lilies.





On the west wall of the church, the three stained glass windows were dedicated to the memory of Joseph and Tillie Brown, Pastor Brown’s parents. The themes represented are the Holy Trinity: Jesus-Son of God, God the Father-Word of God, and the Holy Spirit.




This window symbolizes Jesus, the Son of God. Jesus is represented by the cross and the five words of his sacrifice. The wine and grapes stand for the Lord’s Supper.








This window symbolizes God the Father and the Word of God. The burning bush represents God the Father and the Word of God is also depicted by the open Bible.







This window symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The descending dove represents the Holy Spirit; the seven tongues of fire stand for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is shown by the water flowing into the River of Life, with flows through all three windows in this series.