Our Story – Talent Show

October 2, 2020

New Life has been a congregation that likes food, fellowship and music. So in 1999, all those things came together as a Talent Show! Here are some of the acts that participated and entertained our New Life community.

High school choir (and June Charnevsky), directed by Maryann Thompson – don’t know what song was sung but maybe animal related? The dog ears for the “costumes” were made by June.

Our own Pastor Paul Carlson and Pastor Paul Walker played the Blues Brothers. This is a wildly popular act and they would have repeat performances at future events.

Peter Thompson and Helen Higgins as Sonny and Cher. I think the wigs really make the outfits!

Rich Stoehrmann, Andrew Baumgartner, Paul French and Norb Weitendorf as the Bluebells in a dance/ballet number. Their costumes included sunflower collars, white tu-tus and smiley face shorts that glowed in the dark!

If you have any other pictures from this talent show or other stories from this fun night, please share with susan@newlifebolingbrook.org.