Conversation on the Bible & Sexuality

September 28 | 7:00-8:30pm

Theological interpretations abound when it comes to understanding what the Bible has to say about human sexuality and how we are in relationship with others. It can be uncomfortable to talk about but let’s not let that stop us! We will dive deep into 3 different scripture passages typically lifted up as reasons why Bible speaks against same sex relationships. Another, faithful interpretation will be shared for each that highlights original meanings for Greek and Hebrew words and historical realities in New Testament times.

Together we’ll talk and wonder—what is the sexual ethic we are called to as Christians?  Does it apply to anyone?  Specific people?  Only those who are married?  Big questions!  This is a conversation and not about deciding which interpretation is right or wrong but instead striving for deep understanding on what these passages meant and what they can mean for Christians today.  There may be more questions at the end—but let’s not let that stop us from opening up Scriptures.

Our Reconciling in Christ taskforce will be hosting this gathering with Pastor Rakel leading the evening. This is geared for high school age and up. There will be fall treats a plenty with Apple Cider, Donuts &  Pie!