High School Mission Trip

July 8-16

We have something excited planned for the summer! Our youth will be heading to Mission, South Dakota to work and serve on a mission trip. There will be a group of 10 youth and adults making this 745 mile car trip. We will be staying for one week, along with several hundred other youth from across the country.

  • There will be time for worship and music.
  • Time for gathering with others to talk about the theme and our faith journey.
  • Time to hang out and have fun.
  • Time to sleep (hopefully).
  • And lots of time to work!

Once we arrive at the Rosebud Reservation we will be working in crews to help as many Sicangu Lakota families as possible with projects like painting, building/repairing decks, porches or wheelchair ramps, and other home repair projects. Many residents are elderly; whose sons and daughters move away to find work, leaving them either alone or left to raise their grandchildren.