Our Story – LOMC Retreats

October 23, 2020

Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center is a part of New Life’s history!

The beautiful camp is located on 640 acres in Oregon, IL and was formed in 1974.  LOMC is a ministry of the ELCA congregations in Illinois and eastern Missouri. The purpose of Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center (LOMC) is to be the Church in outdoor settings, nurturing Christian faith and providing experiences connecting the Word of God with the World of God. They do this through a variety of summer camping programs, winter and fall retreats for youth and welcoming adults with an attractive setting for their retreats and conferences.

Generations of New Life members have benefited from attending camps or retreats at LOMC. We have had New Life youth work at the camp over the summer. We have held adult retreats at their location which is close enough to get away without spending hours on the road. These have been and we hope continue to be a part of many people’s faith journey.

As you might imagine the pandemic has caused them to cancel nearly all their programming for the spring, summer and fall. Even with reducing staff and cutting salaries, the challenge to continue operations is significant. We are offering a special collection if you would like to donate to help ensure that this camp, as well as Lutherdale in Elkhorn, WI, will be there next year and for future generations. You can give online thru our website by using  the Giving tab. There is a special category listed for Pandemic Relief: Lutheran Camps. Or if you prefer to donate by check, simply write Lutheran Camps in the memo line and send in to the church office. All donations will be split between the two locations.

In the meantime, here is a stroll down memory lane with some of the lives shaped through experiences at LOMC!

  1994 – Youth group in front of Retreat Houses: Meadows and Timbers Villages

  1996 – Group activity

  1997 – Personal reflection

   1998 – Just being together and connecting our youth

   2000 – Completing outdoor challenges together

  2001 – A walk through God’s creation

   2002 – Learning about each other and working together

   2007 – Just as important as the programming is the stories and laughter by being together.

   2011 – Outdoor fun

   2012 – Before snow tubing

        2012 – Let’s work together!

  • This is just a sampling of the trips and pictures taken over the years to LOMC! If you know of any trips taken in the 80s to LOMC and have pictures, please share with susan@newlifebolingbrook.org.